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Who I Am

I can assist you in a wide range options for resolving your family law issues.

Felicity Shedden started to promote a new approach to family law.  I know that the needs of separating couples have changed over the last 20 years.  Information about the law is freely available over the web, through social media, even via ‘divorce apps’.  It is no longer enough for solicitors to know the law, or how to conduct a court case.  I need to offer something more in the work that Ido.

I aim to offer an exceptional standard of care to each and every client, to bring new skills and ideas to the way that I operate. By doing this, Igive our clients the opportunity to take control of the legal processes surrounding their separation or divorce, and to make their journey through that process as smooth and as constructive as I can.  Ikeep our clients, and their children, at the heart of everything Ido.   

I provide clients with access to a range of support and solutions.While I can offer experienced and robust representation of our clients through the traditional legal process, I also recognise that this is not always the solution that provides the best long term results for our clients.

To this end Iare also specialists in other family dispute resolution processes including collaborative law, family arbitration and family mediation. Our team’s skill base includes:Family Law Awards 2015

  • Accredited family law practice
  • Collaborative family practice
  • Mediation
  • Arbitration
  • Relationship and personal counselling

My aim is always to provide you with a service that is approachable, non-judgemental and understanding of the stresses that you are going through, helping you to get back on your feet and plan for the future.

I am a solicitor, mediator, arbitrator and collaborative practitioner. I graduated from Cambridge University with a degree in English and then converted to law, to allow me to qualify as a solicitor in 2002. I have practiced exclusively in family law throughout my career, and in 2012 I set up Shedden Family Law. The firm has gone on to establish a reputation for being at the forefront of innovation and best practice in dispute resolution, pioneering the introduction of med-arb in this jurisdiction. I speak regularly on the subject of dispute resolution, this year, for example, at conferences in Toronto and Cape Town, as well as at the Resolution DR Conference that will take place this October in Nottingham. I have had a number of articles published in The Review and Family Law Journal (Legalease).

I am a Deputy District Judge, a member of the Institute of Family Law Arbitrators, the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators and of the Association of Contentious Trust and Probate Specialists.  I co-chair the Milton Keynes Resolution group, and am immediate past president of the Bedfordshire Law Society. I am a trustee of Relate Bedfordshire and Luton. I have a particular interest in the relationship between legal and therapeutic work with couples, and in the last year, I have undergone training in counselling skills, systemic therapy and mindfulness to bring greater depth and insight to my work.

Felicity Shedden

Felicity is a consultant at Family Law in Partnership. “Family Law in Partnership is an award winning team of specialist family lawyers, mediators, arbitrators and family consultants. For information on other members of the Family Law in Partnership team, click here