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I can assist you in a wide range options for resolving your family law issues

Mediation gives you both the opportunity to achieve a future focused resolution

Mediation is a method of dispute resolution designed to put you in control of the outcome of your case. The process involves a series of meetings between you, your former spouse or partner, and a mediator or mediators who will provide you with information regarding the options available to you, and will help to guide your discussions. Mediation can be used to look at issues relating to children or financial matters, and your mediators will be able to give you the assistance you need to make informed and practical decisions.

Your mediators will talk to you about the questions that really matter to you and your family, so that you set the agenda. The meetings are planned to respond to your needs, with a timescale that suits you both and a focus on the things that each of you feel are most important. Crucially, you decide the outcome. Nothing can be imposed upon you, and you are able to make the decisions that will determine your lives going forward. This is particularly important where there are children involved, as, ultimately, no-one else is likely to know your children as well as you do yourselves, and it makes sense for you to be the ones who resolve any questions relating to their care.

I like to adopt a multi-disciplinary approach to mediation, which means that I can draw on of a team of supporting professionals to help you reach an agreement. For example, if you have a pension in dispute, I might involve a financial specialist to advise you both on your practical options. I offer a co-mediation service, where Felicity works alongside a mediator from a therapeutic background to combine legal knowledge with expertise in family dynamics, for best practice in family mediation.

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Five Key Benefits to Mediation

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