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Legal Process

I can assist you in a wide range options for resolving your family law issues

Courts deliver clear and binding decisions where agreement cannot be reached

The reality is, of course, that there may be times when the best way of securing a fair outcome to a case is through the court process. If one or other party is not prepared to negotiate in good faith, giving full and frank disclosure about their financial position, it may be that court intervention is necessary to ensure that all the relevant information is made available. There may be urgent issues to be considered by a judge, where action is needed to preserve or recover matrimonial assets, or to protect the welfare of the parties or their children. One or other party may be dragging their feet, so that the court timetable is needed to make sure that the case moves forward within a reasonable timescale. Sometimes, people simply cannot agree what is fair, and they need an impartial decision to conclude the case.

If court proceedings are necessary, it is essential that you feel confident that your case is being prepared efficiently and thoroughly. I do our best to minimise the stress involved for you by ensuring that I deal with all letters and telephone calls promptly, and that all the required documentation is prepared well in advance, without last minute panics or pressures. At court, I will ensure that you are ably represented by someone who knows your case and is an expert in the relevant area of law. I undertake much of our own advocacy, meaning that your own solicitor will be at court with you. Where this is not possible, I work closely with specialist family law barristers to give you the highest standard of representation at court.


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