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How I Support You

I can assist you in a wide range options for resolving your family law issues

There are a number of options in how you manage your separation or divorce and I will guide and support you through these choices. I can also provide you with opportunities for professional counselling to help you contend with what you are going through.

How We Support You Services Legal Process Collaboration Law Arbitration Services Mediation Service Med-Arb Process

Mediation Process

  • Face to face meetings with impartial mediator
  • You both control agenda and outcome
  • Maintains communication and goodwill
  • Child focussed
  • Future orientated

Arbitration Process

  • Neutral arbitrator appointed outside the court process
  • Parties decide on procedure to suit their own situation
  • Gives a clear and binding decision
  • Decision on all elements of case, or on one separate issue, as needed
  • Arbitrator has powers to enforce compliance

Collaborative Law Process

  • Both parties and specially trained solicitors meet face to face
  • All give commitment at outset not to use court process
  • You both control agenda and outcome
  • Maintains communication and goodwill
  • Child focussed
  • Future orientated


  • Single, streamlined process to binding outcome
  • Parties tailor procedure to suit their needs
  • Opportunity to reach voluntary outcome, but with certainty of conclusion
  • Can be used for all elements of case or on separate issues
  • Cost and time efficient solution

I will discuss the most appropriate route for you to take and what you can do to achieve the best solution for you and your family.

Whatever you decide I will be there to support you through every step. I will ensure that you have the best advice for your situation, and that your case is conducted at every stage with efficiency and scrupulous attention to detail.

A tailored service focused on supporting you

As a specialist family law firm, I believe in offering you a bespoke service, so that you decide how you want to instruct us. If all you need is a single, standalone piece of work, for example, drafting a formal document to record the terms of an agreement reached between you and your spouse or partner, I can prepare the necessary paperwork for you, efficiently and effectively.

However, if you need more assistance in finding an arrangement for your family that will work for you in the future, I can offer you the full range of available dispute resolution techniques, helping you to find the best way forward for your family, and to manage your divorce with dignity.

I maintain a holistic approach to the work I do, and I recognise that, as lawyers, I can’t always have all the answers. I work closely with other professionals such as financial advisers, counsellors and family consultants to ensure that you have the support you need, when you need it. I will make referrals for you to tried and tested professional colleagues, all of whom are financially independent from us, so as to ensure that you receive an excellent service, every step of the way.