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Financial Provision

Helping you to secure your financial arrangements

Advising on financial arrangements or inheritance matters

At Shedden Family Law, I are specialists in dealing with the financial consequences of divorce and separation. I can advise on cases involving pension funds, family businesses and foreign assets.

Whatever process you choose to consider your financial arrangements, I will ensure that you have the best advice for your situation, and that your case is conducted at every stage with efficiency and scrupulous attention to detail.

I can also assist you in the event of contested wills and claims against estates. I will advise you fully on the validity of a relative’s will, and guide you through the process of challenging a will where appropriate. I can also advise on claims for financial support when a partner, spouse or family member, has died without making proper provision for you.

For more detailed information on financial provision post divorce or separation please follow the link to our financial provision fact sheet.

For more detailed information on Inheritance Act claims please follow the link to our Inheritance Act fact sheet.

For a comparison of the dispute resolution options follow the link to our compare your options page.