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Divorce Law

I can assist you in managing your divorce or separation

Supporting you to choosing the most appropriate route in divorce law…

I can advise on all aspects of divorce law and dissolution of civil partnerships. I try wherever I can to adopt a consensual approach to the divorce itself, to ensure that the process runs as smoothly as possible, without the need for either party to attend court, and without incurring unnecessary expenses. Whether you are the one applying for the divorce (the ‘Petitioner’) or whether you are responding to a divorce issued by your spouse or partner, I will ensure that you are fully informed of progress at every stage, and that you case is dealt with as efficiently, in terms of both time and costs, as possible.

How long does a divorce take?

A typical divorce might take about four to six months from start to finish, although this depends on whether both parties co-operate, and how busy the courts are. I would also advise in most cases that you should not finalise the divorce until financial matters have been dealt with.

Do I need a divorce solicitor?

You can get the divorce forms from your local court office or from an on-line service, and you do not have to use a divorce lawyer. However, a high proportion of applications for decree nisi (the first decree of the divorce) are rejected by the courts because of mistakes made in completing the forms, or applying for the decree. To be sure that your divorce runs smoothly, I would strongly recommend that you instruct a divorce solicitor to represent you. I will also be able to advice you on the costs implications of the divorce, and on related financial issues which may apply in your case. It is worth bearing in mind that divorce law can be very complicated if either party lives in or has links with a country outside this jurisdiction; you should take advice from an expert divorce lawyer if this applies in your case.

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