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Roll up, roll up, for National DR Week

You may have seen reference to Dispute Resolution week if you are a follower of family law matters.  This will be taking place from Monday 25th November until Friday 29th November.  The aim is to make people aware of all the different methods of resolving disputes that arise from a separation or a divorce.  Organisations that are involved in Dispute Resolution will be talking with MPs, getting interviews on the radio and in the press and generally doing everything they can to highlight Dispute Resolution.  You may see the hashtag #keepitoutofcourt on Twitter because that sums up the aim of all the different methods of Dispute Resolution.  The aim is to try to help separating couples make arrangements for their children, and to organise their finances, as amicably as possible and without having an acrimonious fight. 

There are people who need to seek the protection of the court, but wherever possible, our approach is to work with clients to resolve matters without using the court system.  This can help relations between the separating couple - this is especially important where there are children involved.  It can also mean that matters are resolved more quickly and cheaply.  Saving time, money and stress has to be a bonus for all clients at what is inevitably a very difficult time.  That's why we believe in the importance of Dispute Resolution and want to do our bit to help highlight this and draw people's attention to DR week.

Here at Shedden Family Law we offer the full range of Dispute Resolution services and are specialists in this field.  We are able to offer mediation, collaborative law and arbitration.  For more information about each option please have a look at where we explain more fully what is involved.  We also have close links with a local counsellor who can assist couples going through a particularly difficult separation or divorce.  At our first meeting with you we will listen carefully to what you have to say.  All clients have different situations, priorities, concerns and our job is to understand what you would like to achieve and then find method of Dispute Resolution will work for you.  We have seen what Dispute Resolution can achieve for our clients and that's why we want to tell everyone about National Dispute Resolution week.

If more people become aware of how they can sort things out without going to Court then we believe they will reap the benefits of this.  That's why we will be going the extra mile to highlight Dispute Resolution during National Dispute Resolution week.  We will be tweeting links to useful information and highlighting how people can be helped by the different methods of Dispute Resolution.  Please follow @FShedden on Twitter for more information and to see details of different events taking place during this week.  We are always happy to have an informal chat with anyone on the phone who thinks that we might be able to help them. 

So if you are going through a separation, or you know someone who is, then why not use Dispute Resolution week as a prompt to give us a call and let us have a chat about how we might be able to work with you so that you don’t have to court.  Please help us spread the word that it doesn’t have to be a war when couples separate.  Things can be resolved in a calm and dignified way so that each party can move on without feeling that they have done battle with their ex-partner or spouse.  Knowing that you have collaborated to find a solution that benefits you both usually makes people feel more positive about the future and sets the tone for working together to continue parenting any children that are involved.  This can only benefit everybody involved.  That's the power of Dispute Resolution.


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