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Finding your Way Forward

Helping you to find the right approach to deciding your family’s future, together.

Choosing options together can be a valuable step forward

When going through a separation, it is crucial to find the right path for you and your family. Few people nowadays want to look at court proceedings as their first resort, preferring to avoid the costs, delay and acrimony that tend, inevitably, to arise from the litigation process. Sometimes starting out with the same information about the possible choices can help a separating couple to achieve a genuinely amicable, dignified divorce. This is why we now offer joint meetings, to give separating couples the chance to discover the variety of options available to them, together.

These meetings will take place between the separating parties and Felicity Shedden. We will not provide any individual advice during this meeting, so as to remain neutral and independent from each of you. Instead we will look at your personal circumstances, and will explore with you both the various routes available to help you to decide on the future arrangements for your family.

We will be able to provide detailed information on:

  • DIY divorce;
  • Mediation;
  • Voluntary negotiations through solicitors;
  • Collaborative Law;
  • Arbitration;
  • And if necessary, how the situation could be approached through the courts.

These meetings are not suited only to separating couples. They can be valuable for anyone going through a change to their family circumstances and needing to plan for their future, for example, thinking about a ‘pre-nup’ or living together agreement, or even resolving questions surrounding the Will of a close relative.

For these meetings to work effectively, both parties need to be able to meet and work together comfortably. For those who are able to do this, our ‘Finding Your Way Forward’ meetings are an ideal way of working out how to take those vital first steps down the road you want to travel, rather than each setting off in different directions.